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Detailed Vacuuming

Detailed Vacuuming


Detail vacuuming is the most effective method for preserving carpet life and appearance. In today’s office environment the most prominent complaint received is the dissatisfaction with detail vacuuming services. Since vacuuming represents the highest percentage of a typical cleaning budget, it is often the first to be cut back. This causes the cleaner to service a higher square foot area in a shorter amount of time; thus ignoring the corners, baseboards and areas under the desk. Mainline’s detail vacuuming captures the dusts and dirt in those ignored, low traffic areas.

Magic Service step to Detailed Vacuuming

1. Detail HEPA Vacuuming

Detail HEPA Vacuuming includes baseboard edge vacuuming with damp wiping, lifting of all wires and edge vacuuming around and under desks, workstation panels and behind doors. The carpet acts as a filter retaining particles from the air such as, dust, pollen, and other allergenic substances. Efficient detailed vacuuming removes these stored contaminants so that they do not recirculate back into the air you breathe. However, if the contaminants are not properly removed they can become harmful to your health. Magic Service uses HEPA filters, which capture small particles other vacuum cleaners simply recirculate back into the air. HEPA filters remove 99.97% of particles, 0.3 microns in size or larger, thus improving your indoor air quality . Providing your employees with a healthy indoor environment results in fewer employees taking time off due to allergic reactions, and increased productivity.

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