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Hard Surfaced Floors


Same as it is needed for carpets, hard surfaced floors also required professional care and Magic Service has extensive experience providing this service to several organizations within the GTA.

No matter the type of material installed at your facility is, vinyl, wood, stone, ceramic or any other, we are able to provide extensive care and a regular maintenance program that assure not only the durability of materials and extend its shelf-life but also to improve its appearance achieving a better looking condition.

Our company works with facility managers in the process to determine the right maintenance plan for your floors. We conduct an initial assessment and suggest a detailed plan to achieve optimal results. Also we can integrate this plan to any other maintenance programs that you are currently executing at your facility in order to achieve better overall results, contributing to improve the environment quality for people working or living at your facilities.

Interiors Detail Cleaning

Contultation teamAs a specialty cleaning company, we provide details cleaning services for our loyal base of customers. Every facility has several areas, furniture or equipments where it is necessary to perform occasionally but specialty cleaning tasks that should be done by professionals in order to achieve optimal results with a reasonable budget.


Among others, these are some of the services that regularly we are able to provide to our customers:

-Detailed Vacuuming: We provide effective vacuuming in areas normally ignored by cleaners like corners, under desk areas, baseboards and others. The lack of attention to these areas over the long term can play a role again the achievement of your Indoors Air Quality (IAQ’s) goals and it is a typical complaint made by people in different organizations.

-Glass Cleaning: Glass panel cleaning services are provided at your request and/or under a regular scheduled maintenance. 

-Kitchens and Lunchrooms: Especially for buildings with commercial kitchens and lunchrooms that serve the needs of workers or residents in a daily basis, like office buildings, industries, restaurants, hotels, retirement homes and other with this type of facility, we can perform the necessary cleaning task to ensure a safety environment.

-Computers & Telephones Disinfecting: We can disinfect telephones handset, computers screen and keyboard as well as other electronic devices that are part of your facilities. We ensure to keep these devices sanitized within a regular cleaning program.

-Upholstery & Fabric Panel Cleaning: We are experienced in the cleaning of a diverse range of office furniture and fabric panels typically used in offices environments. Office and board chairs are the most typical furniture that is regularly deep-cleaned by Magic Services technicians. We also clean and protect a diverse range of sofas and cushions made of a diverse range of materials.

-Post Construction Clean-up: We assist Commercial Contractors and Realtors involved in real estate transactions with the hard work of leaving a property in the best condition to be sold and/or handed out to a new resident or owner.



Construction Clean-up

Construction clean-upWhen your commercial construction is complete, look to Magic Service to provide the final, thorough and detailed cleaning that’s needed after construction debris has been removed.

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Carpet Maintenance

Carpet steam cleaningCarpets are an important asset installed in a wide range of facilities and buildings throughout Canada. From small residential apartments to large corporate buildings, all carpets owners need the assistance of a professional carpet cleaner, in order to achieve not only the proper maintenance and care of its carpets but contribute to a superior and healthier Indoor Air Quality (IAQ’s) in the facility.

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Industrial & Warehouse Cleanning

We provide a diverse range of key services especially designed to apply at industrial plants and warehouses where it is required to follow strict protocols in compliance with rules issued by state and government bodies. We work with Managers of these facilities to achieve its maintenance goals within a controlled budget, maximizing results for every hard earned dollar invested in this maintenance program.

Among others services, we are able to provide:

-          Window Cleaning, exterior and interiors.

-          Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance Programs

-          Hard Surfaced Floor Maintenance

-          Janitorial Services

-          Detail Washroom Cleaning

-          Lunchrooms and Kitchens Cleaning

With the support of allied first class companies, we can help you to coordinate the following services:

-          Snow and Ice removal

-          Manufacturing rooms Sanitation

-          Recycling Programs

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