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Healthier Indoor Environment


Healthier Indoor Environment and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ’S)

A safe and healthy indoors environment is vital for people, especially in Canada where long winters take place, making people spend most of their time within their homes and work spaces.

One of the most crucial aspects to achieve healthier indoors spaces it is keeping high level of indoor air quality (IAQ’s) within facilities and buildings. Regular and professional cleaning activities contribute in an important way to achieve this goal. For example a regular maintenance of carpets, daily control of dust, daily handling of garbage in offices, disinfecting of devices like phones or computers and the sanitation of sanitary rooms are simple but important tasks that cannot be underestimated by Facility Managers and must be done in an efficient way for people trained to perform these tasks.

Magic Service contribute to achieve these goals, making places healthier for people, the number one priority with direct effect in the life quality of people, their health.

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